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Mixing in water treatment
Industrial Mixing

Mixing 101: Low rpm, High Torque Mixing

Mixing 101: Low rpm, High Torque Mixing In the process industry, there’s a strong focus on power as the defining characteristic in mixing. Many considerations are often left by the wayside when choosing a mixer. These factors can make or break the application. Relying solely on the G-Value or velocity gradient in mixer design leaves important information out of the equation. Focusing on the G-Value gives rise to the misconception that horsepower, rather than torque, is the critical factor determining mixing effectiveness. This method is effective for applications requiring high-sheer and turbulent flow, but this isn’t always the case. High-speed mixing introduces a host of additional considerations based on fluid viscosity, flow patterns, and shearing. Mixing Categories Different types of

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Racing Car vs Semi Truck Torque Image
Industrial Mixing

Why Dynamix Focuses on Torque When Designing Mixers

At Dynamix we focus on torque as opposed to horsepower when designing our mixers. Torque is a parameter which is preferable in mixing. By using larger diameter impellers and higher gear ratios, higher torque is produced, and more efficient mixing can be obtained. This can be done without using a high horsepower motor and high mixer speeds (RPM). What is torque and horsepower? Horsepower is equal to the RPM times Torque, divided by 5252. Therefore, lower RPM gives higher torque at the same power.   A simple way to think about torque versus horsepower, is to imagine a Semi Truck and a Formula 1 racing car.   These vehicles, the truck and car, are known to have the largest towing

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Side Entry vs Top Entry Mixers Image
Industrial Mixing

Side Entry Mixer or Top Entry Mixer – Always Consider the Costs!

Side entry mixers and top entry mixers play an important role in a diverse number of industries such as mining and natural resources, food processing, agricultural chemicals, oil and gas, wastewater treatment, food manufacturing, pulp and paper, brewing and distilling, paints and coatings, inks and dyes… In every industry, engineers, consultants and operations managers need to carefully assess their unique requirements and environments, then look at the short- and long-term impact on everything from product quality and operating costs to the bottom line before committing to a mixer. For many decision-makers, side entry mixers have been the most visible option thanks in part to side-entry and submersible suppliers’ ongoing marketing efforts. While Dynamix provides a full range of side-entry mixers,

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agriculture farming image
Crop Protection

Crop Protection, Seed Treatment and Fertilizer Mixers for the Agrochemical Industry

It is about this time of year, when spring is in the air, and when we get a lot of enquiries about mixers for the fertilizer, seed treatment and crop protection in the Agrochemical sector.  At Dynamix, we manufacture liquid fertilizer, seed treatment, crop protection mixing equipment. We have shipped out many models for various tank sizes; from large 1,000 gallons tank mixers, to mix fertilizer, to tote and drum mixers for crop protection applications.  Top agrochemical companies like Syngenta AG, Bayer Crop Science, BASF SE, utilize mixers for fertilizer preparation, seed treatment and crop protection. Many in the agricultural, chemical industry, when searching out fertilizer mixers are looking for these types of qualities: Light weight Portable and easy to

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Site Visit Industrial Mixer Image
Industrial Mixing

Building Bigger and Better

Building Bigger & Better Industrial Mixers MIXER SOLUTION FOR MANUFACTURING EFFICIENCY 2019 was a great year at Dynamix.  We took on some exciting industrial agitator projects.  One such project was with a leading asphalt manufacturer.  Our client, looking to be more efficient in their manufacturing of its asphalt sought out Dynamix for some custom industrial mixer engineering expertise. Knowing the challenging aspects of asphalt mixing as well as having a long relationship with this clients operations Dynamix was able to tailor this latest mixing design to the operational needs of this client. Knowing how to combine 3 Top Entry Mixers into a tank offered substantial energy savings over using side entry mixers. Further, we were able to recoginise the different

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fracking process
Industrial Mixing

Fracking and Mixer Use

In Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing: the process of mining oil or natural gas in geologic formation underground, specifically gas locked in pores of rocks like shale, the mixing of fracking fluid plays an essential role in the mining process.  Dynamix is proud to provide an efficient mixer system which makes this process more economical.  The dynamic coupling technology is ideal for this process and will be explained here. Fracking, in simple terms, drills a hole down vertically on average 1.5 miles, then after making at 90 degree turn, then drill horizontally at a distance, at times longer than even the vertical distance drilled. The next step is to open up many holes in the horizontal section of the pipe.  After,

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