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Gold Production
Industrial Mixing

Gold Leaching Agitators Optimization for Increased Yield

Optimizing Gold Leaching Agitators for Increased Yield Designing optimal gold leaching agitators means considering many nuanced and often competing factors. Dynamix provides innovative engineered solutions that improve yield by controlling solids suspension, gas dispersion, and carbon attrition. The NMX line of agitators and Dynaflow™ impellers offer practical solutions for both carbon-in-pulp (CIP) and carbon-in-leach (CIL) gold leaching circuits. Technical Challenges for Gold Leaching Agitators By far the most common leaching process, gold cyanidation produces a complex ion of gold and cyanide, called aurocyanide. Activated carbon then adsorbs the aurocyanide from the ore slurry, with CIP circuits having adsorption in a separate train, while CIL employs countercurrent adsorption in the main leaching tanks. The production of aurocyanide requires gold, cyanide, oxygen,

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Agriculture Farm Fertilizer Mixer Image
Industrial Mixing

Agricultural Mixing All-Purpose Solution With Integrated Tote Mixers

Agricultural mixing covers a wide range of applications, including fertilizers, seed treatment, and crop protection. Dynamix’s line of Integrated Tote Mixers (ITM) provides a versatile solution in all of these areas. The detachable drive segment easily switched between multiple mixers. Your tote can become a process vessel, providing optimal control over mixing efficiency, uniformity, and suspension. Uniform Fertilizer Suspensions for Agricultural Mixing Liquid fertilizers are an essential part of most farming operations. The necessary quantities of nutrients may be present in the fertilizer solution, but proper mixing is critical to ensuring the proper dosage is distributed. During storage, separation and settling lead to an uneven distribution that will result in crops receiving too little or too much fertilizer. Dynamix ITM

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road paint tote mixer on line painting truck
Dynamix Products

Road Marking Paint Quality With Integrated Tote Mixers

Line painting presents unique mixing challenges that require innovative solutions. At Dynamix, we’ve spent years developing our Integrated Tote Mixers (ITM) line to meet these challenges. Our mixers and agitators solve numerous quality problems for road marking paint. These problems range from product uniformity and cross-contamination to skinning.   Why Mixing Matters for Road Marking Paint For both private and municipal clients, line painting requires uniform paint composition to ensure quality. During shipping and storage, the solids in road marking paint will separate and settle. Without proper suspension, the paint will have an uneven pigment distribution and fail to meet quality standards. Private clients will be dissatisfied with the inconsistent appearance of the final product. Municipal clients have stringent quality

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Mixing in water treatment
Industrial Mixing

Mixing 101: Low rpm, High Torque Mixing

Mixing 101: Low rpm, High Torque Mixing In the process industry, there’s a strong focus on power as the defining characteristic in mixing. Many considerations are often left by the wayside when choosing a mixer. These factors can make or break the application. Relying solely on the G-Value or velocity gradient in mixer design leaves important information out of the equation. Focusing on the G-Value gives rise to the misconception that horsepower, rather than torque, is the critical factor determining mixing effectiveness. This method is effective for applications requiring high-sheer and turbulent flow, but this isn’t always the case. High-speed mixing introduces a host of additional considerations based on fluid viscosity, flow patterns, and shearing. Mixing Categories Different types of

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Split Mechanical Seal
Industrial Mixing

Seals: Mechanical Seals, Packing Seals and Lip Seals Why Use Them On Industrial Agitators?

When it comes to designing mixers Dynamix knows that environmental and process considerations are just as important as the mechanical mixer design. That is why our Solutions approach considers so much more than just the mixer application. We can configure your mixer to seal according to your process, environment, and pressure requirements. Knowing which of these requirements is a priority and which technology is most cost effective is critical to your purchase. That is why Dynamix maintains its customized mixer design approach. You can define the seal you need as well as the manufacture, or we can help you make that decision. Mechanical Packing Double Lip Seal Cost / Performance The  challenges for seals are as follows: To lower operating

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Racing Car vs Semi Truck Torque Image
Industrial Mixing

Why Dynamix Focuses on Torque When Designing Mixers

At Dynamix we focus on torque as opposed to horsepower when designing our mixers. Torque is a parameter which is preferable in mixing. By using larger diameter impellers and higher gear ratios, higher torque is produced, and more efficient mixing can be obtained. This can be done without using a high horsepower motor and high mixer speeds (RPM). What is torque and horsepower? Horsepower is equal to the RPM times Torque, divided by 5252. Therefore, lower RPM gives higher torque at the same power.   A simple way to think about torque versus horsepower, is to imagine a Semi Truck and a Formula 1 racing car.   These vehicles, the truck and car, are known to have the largest towing

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