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Mixing in water treatment
Industrial Mixing

Mixing 101: Low rpm, High Torque Mixing

Mixing 101: Low rpm, High Torque Mixing In the process industry, there’s a strong focus on power as the defining characteristic in mixing. Many considerations are often left by the wayside when choosing a mixer. These factors can make or break the application. Relying solely on the G-Value or velocity gradient in mixer design leaves important information out of the equation. Focusing on the G-Value gives rise to the misconception that horsepower, rather than torque, is the critical factor determining mixing effectiveness. This method is effective for applications requiring high-sheer and turbulent flow, but this isn’t always the case. High-speed mixing introduces a host of additional considerations based on fluid viscosity, flow patterns, and shearing. Mixing Categories Different types of

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water treatment plant
Industrial Mixing

Waste Activated Sludge Mixing Principles

Why Is Sludge Blending Important? For many industrial wastewater treatment facilities, sludge accounts for as much as 30-40% of capital costs and about 50% of the operating costs due to the complex nature of processes involved to curb by-product waste. The sludge or “bio solids” left over can be refined into nitrate based fertilizers/ compost, chemical bio-fuels or other natural resources. Sludge biosolids can also be further dewatered for post processing and disposal purposes and because of the many products that can be economically produced; the sludge process is a true bio-refinery. Many water treatment plants focus on improved quality within their operations of sludge handling and mixing equipment selection. Sludge viscosities have an influence on e.g. pumping, hydrodynamics, mass transfer

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pH Scale
Industrial Mixing

pH, Alkalinity & Mixing within Reaction Times

Understanding the pH values and alkalinity of a mixture is critically important in many industries, but especially in the water and wastewater treatment industry. This article will highlight appropriate mixing times as well as the affect on reaction times. 3 What IS PH AND ALKALINITY? Industrial waste and water sources contain impurities that range in chemical, physical and biological characterizations and depending on what stages or processes the water undergoes we measure how acidic or alkaline water is by using the pH scale.  Generally, water is considered neutral when the concentrations of hydrogen ion [H+] and hydroxide ion [H3O+] are the same where the pH scale would read “pH 7”. The pH value is calculated as the negative logarithm concentration

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Drinking bottle of water
Mixing Principles in Play

Fontus Bottle Turns Air Into Water

Fresh Water On-the-Go Avid cyclists may never run out of water again, especially if Kristof Retezár is along for the ride! Mr. Retezár, an industrial design student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, is a finalist for the 2014 James Dyson Award. His award nominated design for the ‘Fontus’ is a self-filling bottle that literally makes water out of thin air. Appropriately named after the Roman god of wells and springs, the Fontus prototype collects and condenses moisture from the air while a bicycle is in motion. It then fills up a water bottle attached to the bike frame. Noted on the James Dyson Award website, Mr. Retezár says that the Fontus is ‘Useful on long bike tours,

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Gravy Image
Mixing 101

Mixing at Home: What Do Gravy and Mixing Have In Common?

The Secret to Great Gravy? Thinking In Terms of “Good Mixing” Is there anything better at turning a good holiday meal into a truly great one than a lake of delicious gravy? We have all been caught us all off guard by lumpy, pasty tasting gravy at least once. Usually after we have already covered our turkey and mashed potatoes with it. Thick, rich, and flavourful gravy doesn’t come easy, but properly mixing dry powders with liquids is a simple concept that just takes a little finesse to perfect. If you think about making gravy in terms of “good mixing” you can’t go wrong. First, you only need about 1/4-1/3 cup of holiday bird or roast drippings, being careful to

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Mixing Principles in Play

Engineers Are Awesome: Potable Water Treatment Out of Thin Air

Engineers Are Awesome: Potable Water Treatment Out of Thin Air An Alternative to Traditional Water Treatment UTEC and Mayo DraftFCB teamed up to create an amazing water treatment billboard in Lima, Peru, the second largest desert capital in the world. It rarely rains in Lima – the city sees perhaps half an inch of precipitation annually – and many of the 7.6 million residents have limited access to clean drinking water. More than 1.2 million people lack running water entirely and are forced to gather their water from unsanitary wells or pay an extortionate amount of money to unregulated private-company water delivery trucks – usually 20 times what more well-off residents pay for the luxury of residential running water. Though

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