X-Large Industrial Tank Mixers

customized industrial tank solutions for tanks larger than 100,000 gallons

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Large Tank Mixers & Industrial Agitators

Dynamix’s heavy-duty industrial agitators and mixers utilize the most robust gearboxes, bearings, and shaft configurations.

Our industrial agitators address the most demanding requirements for efficiency, required reactions, environmental, and unique application factors. This is how industrial agitators are engineered into true heavy-duty mixing solutions – the NMX Series.

The NMX Series industrial agitator is specifically designed for heavy industrial mixing. Quality components and rugged construction produce long-term, trouble-free operation. The NMX Series agitators are both heavy-duty and high-efficiency.

The NMX line of industrial mixers is the powerhouse of industrial agitators. Typically applied in heavy industry such as energy and natural resources, and large-scale chemical processes.


Large Tank Mixers & Industrial Agitators


TMX SERIES AGITATOR is the most heavy duty series, specifically designed to provide the process results you demand. The quality of the components and rugged construction produce long-term, trouble free operation.

Our TMX industrial agitator mixer is developed for heavy-duty industry applications. In fact, the TMX Series mixer is our most robust and configurable mixer line. While the efficiency of this industrial mixer is extremely high, it is the engineering and customization that makes this mixer line successful. 

Durable gearboxes are critical to the operation and reliability of our agitator mixer designs.

Learn more about our industrial mixers’ key features and options (e.g., the materials used, spread bearings, design, etc.), or click the “request a quote” button below for info on our prices for these heavy-duty mixers.


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Heavy Duty Mixers for 100,000 gallons and greater


At Dynamix, we are proud of our origins in the heavy industries of energy and natural resources. These are the most demanding industries and applications for mixer design. That is why we differentiate our X-large industrial agitators (100,000 – 1,000,000 gallons) from our large and smaller utility mixers. Our custom design approach ensures that you will buy an industrial mixer fit for your application, including unique design configurations that save you time and money in operation and maintenance.

Request a quote for whatever type of heavy-duty mixer you need and an application engineer will work with you to find a fit. We’ll get a design and quote for you according to your process and industrial application.

Dynamix has various model series to fit your needs when mixing at greater than 100,000-gallon mixing tanks:

Our heavy-duty industrial agitators are configured to process your liquid application to your specifications. Dynamix is proud of its mechanical innovation, but our true value to you is in our understanding of your liquid and application.

If you are unsure of your application or tank design…

industrial agitator impeller

Custom Configured Mixers

SMX Series - Industrial Mixer, for use 40,000 - 300,000 Gallon Mixing Tank - Brief



Standard NEMA C-face motors with a power range from 1 to 60 HP. Other motor configurations are available to suit your environment


 The SMX Series side entry mixers for storage tanks have a standard output speed of 300 RPM. 2 Stage Parallel Drive Units are 97% efficient, producing up to 5,841 lb-in of Torque. This is all the pumping and thrust required for the most demanding applications

These gearboxes are heavy-duty and selected with a minimum 2.0 service factor. When combined with oversized tapered roller bearings, ISO L-10 life will significantly exceed our standard minimum of 100,000 hours.


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