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250 To 300 Gallon Tote Tank Mixers

Dynamix carries a wide variety of tote mixers and tote agitators that are generally used for mixing between 250 and 300 gallons. However, we are known best for our Integrated Tote Mixer (ITM) because of its design and the type of mixing it enables.

By applying the ITM tote mixer design, we can offer a performance guarantee and convert your tote from a shipping vessel to a process tank. The Integrated Tote Mixer uses the first 4-bladed collapsible impellers in this market. This impeller technology allows our engineers to apply the torque principles of larger industrial agitators into a tote and guarantee its performance.

This tote tank mixer fully encloses the tote to ensure the product cannot be contaminated during the mixing process. The dynamic coupling also allows for increased portability, installation, and removal, as a single drive can be attached to different tote by one person.

If you’re interested in discussing prices or the benefits of these tote tank mixers in more detail, we’d be happy to help. Get a quote below or call Dynamix today. we can find the best mixer configuration for your application and budget.

Integrated Tote Mixer Install

ITM - Integrated Tote Mixer

custom Design it with us & optimize your mixer for your application  – Get our process guarantee

Call Dynamix today and we can find the best mixer configuration for your application and budget.

Bridge Mount For Tote Mixers

BTM - Bridge Tote Mixer

Cap Mount for Tote Mixers

ETM - Economy Tote Mixer

Conventionally, the diameter of a mixer’s impeller is limited by the small opening in a tote. Small openings are not a limitation with Dynamix’s collapsible impeller.


True portability that can be installed by one person and enabling you to address uniformity issues on site, or your client’s site.


Dynamix’s dynamic drive coupling protects your product from exposure and cross-contamination.


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ITM Series - (integrated tote mixers)


The Integrated Tote Mixer is a shift in how mixers are selected for totes or IBCs. Our impeller technologies enable our team to select a mixer that will perform for you according to your application. This type of personalized approach is not common in an industry that tries to offer standard “off the shelf” mixers for totes or IBCs, but we want to go the extra mile to ensure you get the most out of our tote tank mixers.

With this technology and our custom approach, we will make sure your tote becomes a process vessel that helps you control the quality of your mixing. 

The line of ITMs, and the innovations it embodies, is the result of years of designing mixers for unique tote applications.

Check out the linked videos for further details or click the “request a quote” button to find one size to your mixing needs.

Custom Design it with us & optimize your mixer for your application  – Get our process guarantee

Tote and Tote Mixer

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ITM TOTE MIXERS - mounting options and impeller options


Our Integrated Tote Mixer design allows you to easily re-configure the mixer by matching the drive and agitator segments. This means you can use the same drive across multiple totes or applications, and since the two components are designed to attach (and detach) without using tools or brackets, you can now assemble the tote mixer to process in seconds. This eliminates product cross-contamination by sharing the drive segment across totes with different, independent agitator segments, which will potentially reduce maintenance and equipment costs.

road paint tote mixer impeller


In the past, using larger impeller blades for mixing in a tote has been a challenge for most applications. At Dynamix, we’ve designed collapsible impellers to fit through the small openings of the totes used as mixing vessels. For example, our 4-bladed collapsible impellers allow blades of up to 20 inches in diameter to fit through the small openings of a tote, creating the controlled mixing you would expect from a larger mixer. Overall, properly sized blades help the process manager achieve better product quality, mixer performance, and energy efficiency.



Mixers for stainless steel totes enable portable quality control for your product. Originally designed for the automotive industry, the ITM stainless steel tote mixer is now increasingly utilized in other industries to increase quality control and economies of scale.

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The ITM plastic tote mixer is part of a new class of mixers for totes. Our plastic tote tank mixer is made possible by several Dynamix innovations: our impeller technology, mixer mount, and dynamic coupling. Such innovations enable the plastic tote mixer to become a process vessel and key quality control tool. 

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