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Liquid Mixer of Portable Utility Sizes

Dynamix manufactures great liquid tank mixers of the portable utility size.  The portable mixer lines are: MMX, ITM and DMX.  If you’re looking to mix in 50 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes or in tanks up to 3,000 gallons, these liquid mixer lines will help you get your process application mixing done right. Talk to our application engineers and they’ll walk you through the configuration of the mixer to best fit your application needs.

Closed,Open & Universal Mount Drum Mixers

Dynamix carries a wide variety of 55-gallon drum mixers: drum bung mixers, barrel mixers, and open drum mixers for many applications or manufacturing process use. Whether you need drum agitators to be mounted through a small 2″ NPT bung mount; with a lid to mount on an open-top drum; or clamping the mixer on the side lip of the drum, we have a utility mixer solution for you. For open drums, an open drum lid mount could be one option for you, or maybe one of our universal drum mounts (UDM).  Remember, drums do not have baffles, and tilting the mixer (off-set) while mixing will improve your mixing efficiency, in essence removing the vortex when mixing directly through the center bunghole. Call Dynamix today and we can find the best drum mixer for your process or application.  Our engineers are happy to talk about mixers and the science behind mixing


Clamp & Pedestal Mounted Industrial Mixers

Finally, the Integrated Tote Mixer (ITM) line of mixer machines, and the innovations it embodies, are the result of years of designing mixers for unique tote applications. Originally, the integrated tote mixer evolved as a result of a need for quality control in the supply of automotive paint and to address the unique demands and limitations of paint mixing in a stainless steel tote. Consequently, these tote mixer machines are now available as electric mixer motors or air mixer motors. Industries outside the paint market began to benefit from the quality control enabled by tote mixing with the Dynamix ITM design.


Plastic & Stainless Steel Tote Mixer

First of all, these heavy-duty but still portable mixer machines are designed to be portable and flexible enough to be applied to industrial tanks from 300 to 3,000 gallons for all of our industries. In addition, the DMX mixer is available as an electric motor mixer (single phase, 3 phase) or as a pneumatic motor mixer (air motor mixer).

Secondly, the DMX Series mixer machines, a line of portable utility mixers is our most widely applied line of medium tank mixers. In addition, this is a true portable utility/industrial mixer, which can be configured to suit your most challenging applications. Because your investment in a mixer is largely defined by the duty or service factor of the unit. Hence, the DMX Series mixer not only offers some of the highest service factors but also embodies them with a market-leading gearbox.

Core to this line of mixer machines is the portable mixer line.


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Select A Top Entry Liquid Tank Mixer Based on Your Tank Size

Liquid Tank Mixers for the 50 – 3,000 Gallon range are our utility range of tank mixers. These tried and true configurations have been around as long as we have been processing liquid.

Selecting a liquid mixer often starts with the tank you are using to process your liquid. Next, the specifications of your liquid (fluid viscosity, specific gravity, etc.) are used to select the optimal liquid mixer configuration.

The Dynamix value and innovation is recognized in how we select and adapt the liquid mixer to your tank.

Our utility liquid mixer lines can be configured to process your liquid application to your specifications. Dynamix is proud of its mechanical innovation, but our true value to you is in our understanding of your liquid and application.

The best approach to selecting a liquid mixer is often by the tank you are using to process your liquid. The application specifications of your liquid (fluid viscosity, specific gravity, etc.) are what drive the mixer configuration. Therefore we start with the Tank Type to help define your liquid mixers.


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