Side Entry Mixers

SMX Series - For Large Industrial Process & Storage tanks

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Side Entry Mixer line


The Dynamix SMX side entry mixers are your best solution for large storage tanks, large basins, or where top entry mixing is not economical or effective. From basic sediment and water applications to heat transfer, we have a configuration for you.

sMX Industrial Mixers Key Features

key features

  • For use in applications ranging from 2,500 to 300,000-gallon tanks
  • Mixer power options range from 1 to 60 HP
  • Output speed of 300 rpm
  • Multiple shaft sealing options
  • Tank shut-off system
  • Standard High-efficiency Dynaflow™ impeller
Side Entry Mixers Belt Drive and Gear Drive

configuration options

While side entry mixer applications tend to be simple in comparison to top entry mixer applications, there are plenty of environments and processes that require the full configurations capability of Dynamix. Larger side entry tanks tend to be in the harshest environments where tank maintenance is very challenging.

The following options are available with your Dynamix Mixer. Just work with your application engineer to select the best configuration for your tank and process.


Standard NEMA C-face motors with a power range from 1 to 60 HP. Other motor configurations are available to suit your environment

Gear DrIVE

Efficient Performance. 2 stage Helical Parallel Shaft Drive Units are 97% efficient, producing up to 5,841 lb-in of Torque. This is all the pumping and thrust required for the most demanding applications.

These gearboxes are heavy-duty, selected with a minimum service factor of 2.0.  When combined with oversized tapered roller bearings, ISO L-10 life will significantly exceed our standard minimum of 100,000 hours.

Side Entry Mixer Clincher with Pedestal

sealing options

Leak-Proof Operation.  While cartridge seals come standard, other optional configurations including stuffing box and split mechanical seals can be added to suit your process or budget.  Other available configurations include:

  • Stuffing Boxes
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Mechanical Split Seals
  • Double Mechanical Seals

Have a specific brand in mind? We can install it to match what customers have in their plants.


Split Mechanical Seal Image

tank shut-off system


Maintenance.  Because storage tanks are so large it is often not an option to draw the tank down for maintenance. Dynamix has designed a tank shut-off mechanism that allows the side entry mixer to be removed without drawing the tank down. Our unique tank shut-off configuration allows you to seal the tank and easily replace the seals without draining the tank.

Side Entry Mixer Install Location Image
Side Entry Shut Off Valve


Various sizes of our standard ANSI flange mount are available, making the SMX Series industrial agitator a highly flexible solution. This heavy-duty mounting system is compatible with existing standard tank flanges and is optimal for agitating large-volume applications. Various sizes are available.


SMX Series Side Entry Industrial Agitators - Flange Mount

customizable Impellers

High-Efficiency Dynaflow™:  These standard airfoil blades are designed to maximize pumping for side-entry applications, creating the best blending per horsepower.

P3B Modified Pitch-Blade For higher shear applications, this impeller bridges the higher efficiency of the Dynaflow™ impeller with the more intimate mixing capabilities of a Pitch-Blade.


material of construction

316 Stainless Steel is our standard.. Other materials and coating options are also available to address issues such as abrasion/corrosion resistance.

Dynaflow Impeller
Pitch 3 Blade P3B Impeller

Note: We do not have one single model for side entry industrial agitators. We custom engineer this heavy-duty class of mixers for each application.

Dynamix engineers this product line according to your application and process. Our Chemical and Mechanical Engineers come from various process industries and will work to understand and develop your design requirements.

If you are unsure of your industrial tank design…


What our customers are saying:

Dynamix has been our company’s choice for ordering mixers for totes and tanks, for years. The products that we receive allow for smoother operation in our setting of a research and development lab, and are also easy to use.
We use Dynamix’s clamp mount mixers in our systems. Both the product and the service are very high quality.
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