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Dynamix Agitators engineers and manufactures agitators and mixers for industrial process markets in the USA and throughout the State of Texas. Below is a list of customers in Texas we have serviced and continue to have great relationships with.  For ease of contacting us by phone, use the local number below, and we can discuss how we may help you meet your mixer needs for your process. 

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Our Customers In Texas

Companies that Dynamix works with in Texas include:

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Raul Ramirez Project Engineer, Plano, Texas USA November 23, 2015

Dynamix offers a good price, great support, and excellent service. The DMX 5000 Series mixers perform well and are easy to install and maintain.

Big Industry In The State Of Texas

Since the first major oil well in Texas was found South of Beaumont in 1901, Texas has been synonymous with the oil and gas industry.

Dynamix has a full line of robust industrial oil and petroleum mud mixers for your oil and gas processing applications – from drilling muds and fracturing fluids to asphalt, crude oil, and gasoline.

Dynamix has a full line of industrial mixers that can be configured to meet the needs of many major industries in Texas, including:

Oil Rig - Oil Industry

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Industrial Mixers in Texas


Dynamix’s experienced staff will seek to understand your process, select the perfect mixer, and provide you with a complete mixing solution. By understanding your process, we’re able to configure mixers specifically for your application. This in-depth knowledge is what also makes it possible for us to guarantee your product’s uniformity and its cycle time.

The result? Uniformity, right when you need it.

Submit a quote request online or call us directly at 281-393-7106 to find out how we can optimize the quality of your application results.


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