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hight torque Impeller options

Impeller selection is the starting point of any mixer configuration. The right impeller selection and position ensures quality mixing by addressing issues such as uniformity, area of influence, shear, and solid suspension. Every line of Dynamix mixer is available with a wide selection of impeller options and sizes engineered and optimized to suit your application, and to provide quality results.

Specialty and custom coatings are also available for added corrosion or abrasion resistance.

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fixed blade impellers

Industrial impeller for mixer

Fixed Dynaflow™ - Airfoil Impeller

The Dynaflow™ airfoil impeller is a high-efficiency, low-shear, 4-bladed impeller. This impeller produces maximum fluid flow using minimum power input.

Available on:

fixed pitch impeller

Fixed Pitch Impeller Option

This 45° pitch 4-bladed impeller produces an optimum combination of pumping and shear, which allows intimate mixing in both low and high-viscosity applications.

Available on:

high solidity impeller

Fixed High Solidity Airflow Impeller

The Dynaflow™ high solidity airfoil impeller is a high-efficiency, low-shear, 4-bladed impeller high-solidity used for gas dispersion in high-viscosity liquids. This impeller uses a solid projection to control gas dispersion.

Available on:

anti ragging impeller

Fixed Blade Anti-Ragging Option

Environmental mixing applications such as in wastewater treatment facilities, can have a high fibrous rag-like content. Mixing impellers that resist the accumulation of rags are known as “anti-ragging”.

Available on:

fixe radial impeller

Fixed Radial Blade Option

The fixed blade radial impeller is primarily used for applications requiring mixing at low liquid levels since it can produce good mixing when positioned on the bottom of the tank. It is also used for applications requiring high shear.

Available on:

propeller impeller

Marine Type Propeller Option

The marine type propeller is often used in small, portable, direct drive mixer applications because they are economical and efficient. Because their design is rooted in boat propulsion, they are most effective as an axial flow pumper at high speeds.

Available on:

Impeller Split Hub

Split Hub Impeller Option

Comes standard for many mixers used in wastewater treatment applications where large-sized impellers are required. A versatile innovation for use on: 

  • Tanks with limited access
  • Pipe shafts
  • Variable positioning

Available on:

Collapsible Blade Impellers

collapsible dynaflow impeller

Collapsible Dynaflow™ Option

This high-efficiency, low-shear, 4-bladed collapsible impeller was designed specifically for operation in tote containers that require large-diameter impellers to pass through a small opening.

Collapsible Dynaflow™ impellers are available with diameters up to 21″

Available on:

pitched blade impeller

Collapsible Pitch Blade Option

This collapsible, 4-bladed, 45° pitched blade impeller provides intimate mixing in higher viscosity fluid. Designed specifically for operation in drum and tote containers that require large diameter impellers to pass through a small opening.

Collapsible pitch impellers are available with diameters up to 21″

Available on:

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Dynamix has been our company’s choice for ordering mixers for totes and tanks, for years. The products that we receive allow for smoother operation in our setting of a research and development lab, and are also easy to use.
We use Dynamix’s clamp mount mixers in our systems. Both the product and the service are very high quality.
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