Product Description

Designed to be portable, this mixer can be applied at each stage of your product life cycle: Processing, Storage, Shipping and most importantly, the End-User’s Facility.

Our unique collapsible impeller technology enables overall mixing previously not possible in tote containers.

Some ITM 7230 Series Features:

Dynamic Drive Coupling:

  • Ergonomic – Separable segments can enable single person installation and removal
  • Economic – Allows you to buy a single drive segment and use it on multiple totes with dedicated agitator segments


Cap Mount:

  • Fully Enclosed Mixing – Many tote mixers do not close the tote opening when mounted.  Dynamix’s ITM Mount provides a sealed enclosure, preventing foreign particles and contaminants from entering the tote during mixing.


Collapsible Impellers:

  • Overcome the 6″ opening, enabling up to 21″ in diameter impeller, large blades provides the pumping and tank turnover required to bring your product back into specification
  • Collapsible Pitch  Impellers available from 10″ to 20″


Standard Agitator Shafts for ITM:

  • Shafts are 316 Stainless Steel
  • Available Shaft Diameter: 3/4 “
  • Available Shaft Length: 34″ or 45″


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Tote Mixer - Air Motor and Direct Drive - 4 HP - ITM 7230 Series - Cap Mount - Single Collapsible Pitch Impeller

*Our Application Engineers will assist you in configuring these specific mixer options.
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Product Specifications and Options:

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The Integrated Tote Mixer (ITM) Series for stainless steel totes and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) is an innovative design that enables your tote tanks to become an important part of your product’s quality control.

The mixer design and our mixer selection process is enabling new products to be mixed and shipped in various tote and IBC vessels.

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The process of determining the right mixer is always the biggest hurdle.  There are a large range of customers we deal with at Dynamix. From situations which require a quick mixer purchase for a low viscosity process to a more complex product suspension and mixing objectives.  Thus we offer two ways to purchase our quality mixer products  

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Dynamix offers quality constructed “off the shelf” economy mixers for your simple mixing objectives.

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