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Product Description

Economy Electric Tote Mixers for Sale (ETM) – High RPM Mixing

The MMX Eco Series electric tote mixers for sale by Dynamix offers basic mixing with options that adapt to various container types. In addition, this electric tote mixer is economically designed for light-duty mixing from 275 or 300 gallon mixing applications.

Application: Light viscosity mixing. This electric tote mixer can be screw mounted into a 6” port and fully encloses the tote, avoiding air or fluid contamination. It’s available in dual 4” propellers for center and bottom mixing applications.

Drive: Electric

Mounting: Bridge

Impeller: 4″ Dual Propeller

Dynamix is proud of its product quality and the ETM is derived from good engineering configuration. It’s ideal for a high RPM and low viscosity application. This electric driven tote mixer will meet your economy utility mixing needs.

Additional Mixer Models Available by Quote Request: 

Moreover, our economy bridge mount electric tote mixer can be used on a wide range applications or manufacturing processes. The many varying tote mixing applications has a resulted in Dynamix carrying a wide variety of portable mixers that can be used in both plastic or stainless steel totes to match the demand. These tote mixers can be economically mounted in different ways: through a Cap Mount Tote Mixer for closed tote mixing or with A Bridge Mount for open tote mixing. Contact us to find a utility tote mixer solution for you.

We also have a more robust solution. With our unique Dynamic Coupling technology, our Integrated Tote Mixer Series (ITM) may be option for you if you’re seeking better contamination control and the ability to disconnect the drive section from the agitator section easily. Furthermore, this configuration gives more portability, and big tank mixing in a tote (with collapsible impellers).  Other models are custom configurable. For more info, please call us at 1.877.331.0045.

custom Design it with us & optimize your mixer for your application  – Get our process guarantee

Tote Mixers For Sale - 1 HP Electric Direct Drive Bridge Mount Utility ETM MMX-1110D-7-TB2


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Product Specifications and Options:

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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 12 in
Drive Type

Power Input


Drive Option


Speed (RPM)


Shaft Length

Shaft Diameter

Impeller Type

Impeller Size

No of Impellers

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Are you looking for portable electric tote mixers for sale, for open tote applications? A bridge mount tote mixer is available in our high speed economy tote mixer line for your tote mixing needs. This is suitable for your light viscosity mixing in 275 to 300 gallon totes. Now available from Dynamix.

For shorter lead times and a more economic electric tote mixer, consider an “off the shelf” mixer like the ETM. We can introduce you to our new line of ETM Mixers, which are specifically designed to meet your economic mixing needs. Otherwise, if you need a more robust electric tote mixer, just let us know and we will get it for you.


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Is this the right utility or portable mixer for your application - two ways to purchase a mixer from Dynamix?

The process of determining the right mixer is always the biggest hurdle.  There are a large range of customers we deal with at Dynamix. From situations which require a quick mixer purchase for a low viscosity process to a more complex product suspension and mixing objectives.  Thus we offer two ways to purchase our quality mixer products  

1) Quick Buy - Eco Mixer Purchases

Dynamix offers quality constructed “off the shelf” economy mixers for your simple mixing objectives.

2) Custom Configured Mixer with Process Guarantee

Dynamix offers custom configured and optimized mixers.  Designed to fit the challenges of your specific application process.  Get our Process Guarantee.