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Best Mixer For Drums: The Drum Lid Mount Air-Powered Direct Drive Drum Mixer

This is truly one of the best mixers for drums in Dynamix’s MMX line. This removable open-head drum mixer allows for medium viscosity, as well as the high pumping and mixing control you expect from Dynamix.

Direct Drive

The Dynaflow Impeller is a highly efficient impeller, offering 30% more mixing capacity than std. impeller.

It provides maximum mixing for low to medium applications. Available with single 9″ fixed Dynaflow impellers for direct drive.

Axial flow pattern achieves uniformity by fully involving the entire tank.

Dynamix is proud of its product quality, and the MMX Drum Lid Mount mixer for 55 gallon drums is derived from good engineering configuration, It has a high RPM and works for low to medium viscosity application needs, depending on the motor and impeller configuration.

Additional Mixer Models Available by Quote Request 

Moreover, our 55 gallon Drum Lid Mount Mixer can be used on a wide range of applications or manufacturing processes. The many varying mixing applications has a resulted in Dynamix carrying a wide variety of drum mixers for barrels and drums to match the demand. For example, our Bung Mount Drum Mixer can be used for closed drum mixing, while Clamp Mount Mixer and Lid Mount Mixer models are ideal for open drum mixing. These drum mixers can be economically mounted in different ways and are available in both electric and air models.

Another open drum mixing option is our Universal Drum Mount (UDM). This allows the mixer to tilt in order to optimize the mixing in a barrel or drum without baffles. Furthermore, this configuration gives more portability and 200 L drum mixing. Other models are custom configurable. For more info or to place an order, please call us at 1.877.331.0045.

custom Design it with us & optimize your mixer for your application  – Get our process guarantee

Best Mixer For Drums - 3 HP Drum Lid Mount Air Direct Drive - Utility Drum Mixer MMX-1230G-D1


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Product Specifications and Options:

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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 12 in
Drive Type

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Speed (RPM)


Shaft Diameter

Shaft Length

Impeller Size

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No of Impellers

Drum Lid Mount Air Powered Direct Drive Drum Mixer

The Drum Lid Mount mixer is primarily a 55 gallon drum mixer with options that adapt to standard drum types that are 55 gallons or less. This mixer is available in stainless steel for open-head drums and is ideal for light-duty or small tank applications. The MMX 1200 Series offers economy in larger applications, while the MMX line is largely focused on small volume drum mixer applications of 45, 50 or 55 gallons.

One of the benefits of this mixer is it’s light and easy to transport. It weighs less than 20 lbs. and is designed for open-head drum mixing in 55 gallon drums.

The Drum Lid Mount mixer offers complete enclosed mixing to prevent airborne moisture or particulate contamination. It’s available with a single 9″ Dynaflow impeller and is great for mixing medium viscosity applications, while providing the type of exceptional mixing quality you’d expect from Dynamix.

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The process of determining the right mixer is always the biggest hurdle.  There are a large range of customers we deal with at Dynamix. From situations which require a quick mixer purchase for a low viscosity process to a more complex product suspension and mixing objectives.  Thus we offer two ways to purchase our quality mixer products  

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