Custom Configured Agitators Designed For Your Application

Custom Configured Agitators Designed For Your Application

Dynamix - an industrial agitator manufacturer, the solution for your process mixing challenges

Drawing upon our industrial mixer engineering knowledge and extensive experience in process and application technology, from heavy industry, we can develop mixer solutions fitting unique industries. Working with you, we discover and develop specific mixer designs and implementations for your unique applications. As a result, the mixer solution we manufacture can make a difference in cost savings and efficiency, while being optimized for your process needs. As a mixer manufacturer, we are dedicated to configure and engineer a solution optimized for your need.




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We at Dynamix have designed this site as a guide so you may find the right mixer for your application. For quick, low-support pricing of a standard portable or Small Mixers, jump to our CATALOG. For a detailed quotation just input your information accordingly under the Large Mixers or Mid-Size Mixers sections below.

With our extensive background in the energy and natural resources industries, we’ve developed a full line of industrial mixers. Whether you are in industries of mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, or just have a large tank application, our industrial mixers can be designed for your tank and application. See our industrial mixer line here.


Are you seeking an industrial mixer for chemical, pharmaceutical, or distillery applications?  Or are you looking for food-safe stainless steel with wash-down capability?  Contact Dynamix for a portable industrial mixer, today. We can configure an industrial mixer for your needs.


Dynamix carries a wide variety of portable utility mixers. These mixers are supplied in various standard, “off the shelf” models, or configured and customized to benefit from the application engineering of our industrial mixers.


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Our Team of Applications Engineers can help you determine
a mixer configuration ideally suited for your application. 
As we say, “It’s not a product, it’s a solution”


Some of the world's most respected companies trust Dynamix mixers

We’d love to share our client’s experience with you.  Give us a call and we can share some testimonials, references, and installation history of our industrial and utility mixers.

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Agitator and Mixer installation references and scope of work available on a case-by-case basis.
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Industrial Mixers & Industrial Agitators

Dynamix Agitators engineers and manufactures agitators and mixers for industrial process markets worldwide.

Dynamix Agitators incorporates over 45 years of industrial mixing experience into its industrial mixer models and the processes they are part of. Our mixers and agitators are configured to suit your process and application. Please refer to our products page for our full line of industrial agitators or, if you would like to engage our mixer engineering directly proceed to our mixer inquiry page.

We strive to understand your product and process needs so that we can custom engineer an agitator and mixer accordingly. Our understanding of your chemical product & industrial process ensures that your mixer will become part of a solution and a core capability in your process. This relationship with our clients allows us to extend our unique Solution Assurance on many of our products.

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