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Clarification Process in Water Treatment | Role Of Agitators

Water treatment is a complex yet vital process that ensures the water we consume is safe and free from impurities. At the heart of this process lies clarification—a series of meticulous steps that purify water by eliminating contaminants and particles, making it clearer and fit for consumption. The clarification process initiates with the addition of essential chemicals like coagulants and flocculants into the water. Coagulants, such as aluminum sulfate or ferric chloride, act by neutralizing the charge on suspended particles, causing them to clump together or coagulate. Subsequently, flocculants, typically polymers, bind these coagulated particles into larger, heavier masses known as flocs. Once this chemical reaction is complete, the water moves into a settling tank or basin. Here, gravity plays

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Key Factors to Lime Slurry Usage in Water Treatment Processes

LIME SLURRY USAGE FOR WATER TREATMENT PROCESSES   FACTORS TO CONSIDER   What is Lime? Not to be confused with the lime you find in your local produce store, Lime is a commonly used chemical for wastewater treatment and can be slaked when water is added and turned into slurry. The use of lime in its various forms has been steadily on the rise. Today lime is the most important chemical used throughout the world for pollution control. It is, therefore, imperative that handling and processing lime be well understood by all those who use this chemical. The Lime used in the water treatment industry is referred to as either quicklime (CaO) or hydrated lime (Ca(OH)², which is hydrated in

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Water Treatment

Bookmarks: The Atlas of Water

Bookmarks: The Atlas of Water Mapping the World’s Most Critical Resource by Maggie Black, Jannet King foreword by Margaret Catley-Carlson, Global Water Partnership The Atlas of Water Climate change and an exponential population explosion threaten the world’s supply of fresh water, edging us closer to a global water crisis, with dire implications for agriculture, the economy, the environment, and human health. Completely revised and updated since its first edition, The Atlas of Water is a compelling visual guide to the state of this life-sustaining resource. Using vivid graphics, maps, and charts, it explores the complex human interaction with water over time and across the world. This vibrant atlas addresses all the pressing issues concerning water, from human impacts like dams

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Water Treatment

Elixir: A History of Water and Humankind

Bookmarks: Elixir A History of Water and Humankind By Brian Fagan In Elixir, New York Times bestselling author Brian Fagan tells the story of our most vital resource and how it has shaped our history, from ancient Mesopotamia to the parched present of the Sunbelt. Fagan relates how every human society has been shaped by its relationship to our most essential resource. This sweeping narrative moves across the world, from ancient Greece and Rome, whose mighty aqueducts still supply modern cities, to China, where emperors marshaled armies of laborers in a centuries-long struggle to tame powerful rivers. As the earth’s population approaches nine billion and ancient aquifers run dry, we once again remember the importance of this vital resource. To solve the water

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Water Treatment

The Big Thirst

Bookmarks: The Big Thirst The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wal-Mart Effect comes a fascinating journey into the secret life of water, a book that upends everything we think we know about the most vital substance in our lives. The water coming out of your kitchen tap is four billion years old and might well have been sipped by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Rather than only three states of water—liquid, ice, and vapor—there is a fourth, “molecular water,” fused into rock 400 miles deep in the Earth, and that’s where most of the planet’s water is found. Unlike most precious resources, water cannot be used up; it can always be made

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Water Treatment

Bookmarks: Blue Planet Run

Bookmarks: Blue Planet Run The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World By Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt This stunning coffee table book is filled with both thought-provoking essays and stunning photos, many of which were highlighted in a special feature in Time Magazine.   Publisher’s Description: Blue Planet Run provides readers with an extraordinary look at the water problems facing humanity and some of the hopeful solutions being pursued by large and small companies, by entrepreneurs and activists, and by nongovernmental organizations and foundations. By the end of the book, readers are left to form their own conclusions as to if and how the human race can solve this global crisis before it’s too late. Blue Planet

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