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Dynamix Products

Road Marking Paint Quality With Integrated Tote Mixers

Line painting presents unique mixing challenges that require innovative solutions. At Dynamix, we’ve spent years developing our Integrated Tote Mixers (ITM) line to meet these challenges. Our mixers and agitators solve numerous quality problems for road marking paint. These problems range from product uniformity and cross-contamination to skinning.   Why Mixing Matters for Road Marking Paint For both private and municipal clients, line painting requires uniform paint composition to ensure quality. During shipping and storage, the solids in road marking paint will separate and settle. Without proper suspension, the paint will have an uneven pigment distribution and fail to meet quality standards. Private clients will be dissatisfied with the inconsistent appearance of the final product. Municipal clients have stringent quality

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Hand Sanitizers

A Helping Hand to Make Hand Sanitizers – Dynamix Helps Manufacturers

It has been a great challenge for the North American and Global community to fight against rapidly spreading of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). To do its part in the call for domestic manufacturers, the Dynamix Team has taken on the Demand for Hand Sanitzer, in these challenging times. Here are some great resources to help you get started: Here is the recipe for hand sanitizer from the World Health Organization (WHO): Guide to Local Production: WHO-recommended Handrub Formulations Dynamix looked at the recommended recipe, as stated in the guidelines mentioned above, we find that basic ingredients are more than 2/3 of alcohol (Ethanol 96% or Isopropyl alcohol99.8%), Hydrogen peroxide (3%) and Sterile distilled water, along with viscosity thickener: Glycerol

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