Explosion Proof Motor 1c
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Explosion Proof Motors on Industrial Mixers and Utility Mixers

Industrial mixers and utility mixers are used in many applications. Some environments where the motors are used may be working in the presence of volatile dust or gas vapor in the air, or volatile vapors from the product itself. The industries that inquire about explosion-proof motors on our mixers include the paint, pharmaceutical, chemical, and mining industries. These are just a small fraction of industry sectors we service that demand this safety feature on our mixer configurations.

There are various standards for explosion-proof motors throughout North America, Europe, and other continents.

Explosion-proof motors for electric driven mixers are available for industrial mixers at Dynamix and are manufactured in Germany or North America. These great motor manufacturers build motors that meet every standard for explosion-proof motor manufacturing.

Below is a rough guideline for understanding the motor classifications, which is of high importance and avoids explosive scenarios. This will help you avoid injuries from accidents due to inadequate planning, preparation, or motor selection. Planning how you choose your motor is of the utmost importance. The most significant aspect is knowing and understanding what type of Division your location is.

Note: Division I motors cover all the requirements of Division II. Class I motors cover Class II and Class III as well. It might be prudent to pick a class or division higher if you are unsure. See the table below for a rough guideline. Please follow the NFPA.org standards for the exact guidelines.

Generally, standards defined by NEMA (National Electrical Manufactures Association), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and/or NEC (National Electric Code) are followed by our motor suppliers. When a Dynamix customer requests an explosion proof motor, we ensure we utilize the approved motor components in our mixers to meet the local standards of our customers. As each application is different, Dynamix works with you to discover the environment you are working in and recommends the proper motor rating (i.e. Hazardous Product Classification) and division in order to meet your specific application needs.

Picking the right rating for your explosion-proof motor is essential for the safe use of your mixer. To emphasize, it can also be a source of cost savings, as a higher classification motor model can work in any environment a lower classified motor can. This can lead to an over-engineered solution for your mixer and a higher cost.

When looking for high-quality explosion-proof motors with your utility and industrial mixers, Dynamix applications engineers can help determine your appropriate configuration needs. Feel free to contact our sales team at Dynamix for more information.

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Explosion Proof Motor 1c