NMX Series Industrial Agitators
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Optimize Industrial Mixing with Proper Mixer Mounting

Optimize Industrial Mixing with Proper Mixer Mounting

Challenges of Mixer Mounting

In a perfect world, the only industrial mixing projects we would ever work on would be applications in cylindrical tanks where we could center-mount the mixer. That, of course,  is not typically the case. Instead,  factors such as environment, process design, tank design, and process objective require different mounts. For this, we offer our 40+ years of experience and engineering to develop mounting options to address almost every eventuality.

Ultimately, the mounting option is dictated by the need to manage the reactionary force generated by the mixer’s torque at the fluid level inside the tank. High viscosity liquids, or large volume tanks that require large diameter impellers, are examples that require a robust and solid mounting to maintain the performance and stability of the mixer. Our Selection Programs are based on basic engineering principals which enable our engineers to calculate, design and or select the right mounting configuration.

Mixer Placement

The placement of the mixer is also a key consideration. The geometry of the tank and the flow dynamics generated by the mixer will determine where the mixer is placed for the most effective mixing. Some of our larger industrial mixing projects where rapid mixing is desired, or in the case or large quenching tanks where the mixer is acting as a pump are just two examples. Again, we use support programs such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to position, design and select the best mixer mount.

As a basic starting point always review the following:

  • Tank size and type – open / closed, cylindrical / square
  • Mixer size and orientation
  • Operating environment
  • Space available

Mounting options for Industrial Mixing Applications

We offer the following options when determining your mounting requirements:

Tank Mixers

 Plate Mount Plate Mount
Standard plate to mount on beams over open-head tanks
Industrial Mixing - Flange Mount Flange Mount
Standard ANSI pipe flange to mount on closed-head tanks; for non-pressurized tanks
Industrial Mixing - Drop Flange Mount Drop-Flange Mount
For large industrial agitators to allow the shaft & drive section to be separated so that the shaft rests on the flange & gearbox can be take off for service
Industrial Mixing - Drop Flange Mount Pedestal Flange Mount
Pedestal mount to house stuffing box or mechanical seals for pressurized tanks
Industrial Mixing - Side Mount Side-Entry Flange Mount
For side-entry tank agitators
Industrial Mixing - Heavy-Duty Clamp Mount Heavy-Duty Clamp Mount
Keyed for secure positioning through 30 degrees on the horizontal axis allowing maximum flexibility
Industrial Mixing - Clamp Mount Light-Duty Clamp Mount
Keyed for secure positioning through 30 degrees on the horizontal axis allowing maximum flexibility

Tote Mixers

Industrial Mixing - Bridge Mount Bridge Mount
Bridge mount to be installed over tank suits all major brands of plastic totes
Industrial Mixing - Plastic Lid Mount ITM Tote Mount
This plate mount fully encloses the tote container with the cap. With the ITM coupling, there is no need to open the tank again for shipping or mixing. Total quality control

Drum Mixers

Industrial Mixing - Universal Mount Universal Drum Mount
Unique universal design for mixing in either Open or Closed Head drums with the same mixer, angle mounted to allow for larger diameter collapsible impellers
Industrial Mixing - Drum Lid Mount Drum Lid Mount
Standard design includes steel drum lid to mount on drum or barrel, with either Center Mount for solid suspension and high viscosity applications, or Offset Mount to enable the baffling effect
Industrial Mixing - Bung Mount Bung Mount
Standard 2”NPT bung port mount for fully enclosed mixing, collapsible impellers expand internally to provide increased mixing in closed head drums and totes

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NMX Series Industrial Agitators