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fracking process
Industrial Mixing

Fracking and Mixer Use

In Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing: the process of mining oil or natural gas in geologic formation underground, specifically gas locked in pores of rocks like shale, the mixing of fracking fluid plays an essential role in the mining process.  Dynamix is proud to provide an efficient mixer system which makes this process more economical.  The dynamic coupling technology is ideal for this process and will be explained here. Fracking, in simple terms, drills a hole down vertically on average 1.5 miles, then after making at 90 degree turn, then drill horizontally at a distance, at times longer than even the vertical distance drilled. The next step is to open up many holes in the horizontal section of the pipe.  After,

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Knowing Your Application
Mixer Configuration

Mixing 101: The Importance of Specific Gravity

What is Specific Gravity? And why do we ask for it… Next to viscosity, specific gravity is a separate but equally important factor in optimizing a mixer. Without factoring this measurement into your mixer design, your results would not reach product specification. What is Specific Gravity? The term “Specific Gravity” (SG) is used to define the weight or density of a liquid as compared to the density of an equal volume of water at a specified temperature. The temperature used for measurement is usually 39.2oF (4oC), because this temperature allows water to assume its maximum density. In the metric system, water has a density of 1 gram/ml, so density and SG are numerically equal. If the liquid you are comparing

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