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Industrial Mixing

Why Dynamix Focuses on Torque When Designing Mixers

At Dynamix we focus on torque as opposed to horsepower when designing our mixers. Torque is a parameter which is preferable in mixing. By using larger diameter impellers and higher gear ratios, higher torque is produced, and more efficient mixing can be obtained. This can be done without using a high horsepower motor and high mixer speeds (RPM). What is torque and horsepower? Horsepower is equal to the RPM times Torque, divided by 5252. Therefore, lower RPM gives higher torque at the same power.   A simple way to think about torque versus horsepower, is to imagine a Semi Truck and a Formula 1 racing car.   These vehicles, the truck and car, are known to have the largest towing

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Knowing Your Application
Mixer Configuration

Mixing 101: The Importance of Specific Gravity

What is Specific Gravity? And why do we ask for it… Next to viscosity, specific gravity is a separate but equally important factor in optimizing a mixer. Without factoring this measurement into your mixer design, your results would not reach product specification. What is Specific Gravity? The term “Specific Gravity” (SG) is used to define the weight or density of a liquid as compared to the density of an equal volume of water at a specified temperature. The temperature used for measurement is usually 39.2oF (4oC), because this temperature allows water to assume its maximum density. In the metric system, water has a density of 1 gram/ml, so density and SG are numerically equal. If the liquid you are comparing

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