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Agricultural Mixing All-Purpose Solution With Integrated Tote Mixers

Agricultural mixing covers a wide range of applications, including fertilizers, seed treatment, and crop protection. Dynamix’s line of Integrated Tote Mixers (ITM) provides a versatile solution in all of these areas. The detachable drive segment easily switched between multiple mixers. Your tote can become a process vessel, providing optimal control over mixing efficiency, uniformity, and suspension.

Uniform Fertilizer Suspensions for Agricultural Mixing

Liquid fertilizers are an essential part of most farming operations. The necessary quantities of nutrients may be present in the fertilizer solution, but proper mixing is critical to ensuring the proper dosage is distributed. During storage, separation and settling lead to an uneven distribution that will result in crops receiving too little or too much fertilizer. Dynamix ITM agitators ensure adequate pumping to achieve homogeneous solutions while eliminating dead zones.

Solids settling leads to more than just lost product. Inadequate agricultural mixing can cause clogging in spraying equipment, incurring hours lost to maintenance. The collapsible impellers of the ITM line fit through tote openings and then expand to their full diameter during operation. These longer blades provide the pumping action required to achieve solids suspension and uniformity throughout the entire tote. These mixers are powerful enough to quickly achieve a uniform solids suspension, even after the fertilizer solution has settled in storage.

Avoid Contamination During Seed Treatment

With seed treatment being critical to ensuring early growth and high yields, you can’t afford to lose quality due to improper agricultural mixing. The viscous polymer, clay, and silica suspensions of seed treatment solutions require superior blending in order to achieve consistent results. Moreover, inadequate mixing can lead to clogged screens and nozzles down the line. This level of blending calls for a powerful mixing solution. The ITM line provides this power in a portable and easy-to-use format, with quick installation by a single person.

During seed treatment mixing, cross-contamination is a significant concern. Dynamix’s ITM line ensures safety from both environmental contamination and cross-contamination through the dynamic coupling system. The drive and agitator can be separated quickly and easily, without tools. Leaving the agitator segment in the tote avoids the need to open and expose the contents. At the same time, the drive is readily attached to another agitator.

Optimal Mixing for Crop Protection

With numerous solutions of different formulations requiring agricultural mixing, crop protection again benefits from the versatility of the ITM line in avoiding contamination. The agitators provide enough mixing power for both initial mixing and re-homogenization after storage. The collapsible impeller allows for longer blades and broader strokes, reducing foaming at the surface. This foaming can cause the oxidation of certain compounds, reducing quality. Additionally, adding powdered components to a foaming mixture can result in powder sitting on top of the foam instead of mixing into the solution.

Agricultural Mixing Solutions of All Sizes

Dynamix has developed the best mixers to meet these industry challenges through years of designing agricultural mixing solutions for agrochemical clients. Beyond the ITM line for totes in the range of 250 to 300 gallons, we provide solutions for farms and agrochemical suppliers at all scales. You can contact us today to find a solution that meets your specific agricultural mixing needs.

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Agriculture Farm Fertilizer Mixer Image