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Crop Protection, Seed Treatment and Fertilizer Mixers for the Agrochemical Industry

It is about this time of year, when spring is in the air, and when we get a lot of enquiries about mixers for the fertilizer, seed treatment and crop protection in the Agrochemical sector.  At Dynamix, we manufacture liquid fertilizer, seed treatment, crop protection mixing equipment. We have shipped out many models for various tank sizes; from large 1,000 gallons tank mixers, to mix fertilizer, to tote and drum mixers for crop protection applications.  Top agrochemical companies like Syngenta AG, Bayer Crop Science, BASF SE, utilize mixers for fertilizer preparation, seed treatment and crop protection.

Many in the agricultural, chemical industry, when searching out fertilizer mixers are looking for these types of qualities:

  • Light weight
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Low shear mixing
  • Move the settling fertilize from the dead spots
  • Help remix fertilizer solids back into suspension, with the goal for a homogenous solution

Working with many Agrochemical customers in the past years, our mixer designs are geared toward meeting these essential needs, as listed above.

Due to the nature of most organic liquids, when mixing fertilizers these organics they have a tendency of separation and settling i.e., to come out of suspension. There are various heavy-duty portable utility mixers for large tanks, totes and drums at Dynamix.  Depending on the size of your application, if we don’t have a standard model for your needs, we can engineer and manufacture to your specifications, with our applications engineer’s extensive experience and expertise.

When mixing for seed treatment in totes, many of our customers look for a more modular approach and use our dynamic coupling technology to make changing moving a mixer drive section easier between totes.  Our crop protection mixing configurations are designed and geared for these qualities, when blending their polymers and silica or clay based suspension:

  • Lowering the mixing time to complete mixing – homogeneous solution
  • Efficient and energy and labor saving solution
  • The ability to handle low to medium viscosity of 500 to 5000 cP

Dynamix not only gets calls for mixers for fertilizer of seed treatment mixing challenges, we get many requests for crop protection mixing applications.  Insects, and parasites are a major threat to the agriculture industry, and protection is the utmost priority for many of our customers.  Thus, a solution to help mix the various liquids in multiple formulations in different vessels is essential.  At Dynamix we address the following challenges when designing mixers for the crop protection applications:

  • The ability to mix in low to medium viscosity solution
  • The ability to keep the solution suspended
  • The ability to re-mix, or re-suspend stored solutions quickly and be ready for use
  • Low maintenance mixers and easy to use

Overall, all three of these Agrochemical applications look for very similar mixer characteristics. Dynamix can meet all their current and future application needs.  When in search for a quality mixer solution for your fertilizer, seed treatment needs Dynamix has a mixer for you. 

Each of the applications, are treated individually based on the mixing vessel configuration, size, environment and viscosity.  Various mixers configurations are determined by Dynamix’s application engineers to ensure the best performance.  Dynamix makes sure we deliver a solution, and not just a product.

Here a great link to our AgroChemical mixers: ITM Mixer products

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