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Maximizing Process Efficiency With Storage and Surge Tank Agitators

Hydrometallurgical processes, including gold leaching, require numerous storage and surge tanks. These tanks need agitation in order to provide a homogeneous feed to the next process step and prevent solids settling. Storage and surge tank agitators must meet these blending and suspension requirements while maintaining a low power requirement. At Dynamix, we provide innovative engineered solutions for storage and surge tank agitators with our GMX and NMX lines.

The Problems Facing Slurry Storage and Surge Tanks

The slurries handled in hydrometallurgical processes have varied parameters that make every application unique. Generally, the ore grind sizes are very fine, with a high solids concentration. Slurries will have increased viscosity and often show unexpected flow patterns. Anticipating these patterns is critical to developing effective storage and surge tank agitators, and this is no simple task. Dynamix engineers employ computerized fluid dynamics to design optimal agitators for each process, accounting for unique flow patterns, impeller shape and size, and power requirements.

High viscosity and solids concentration lead to friction losses during agitation. These losses reduce efficiency and increase the required drive power. Keeping power requirements low is of paramount importance for storage and surge tanks. There must also be sufficient pumping to combat solids settling. Any settling will reduce effective tank volume and eliminate surge capacity. Over time, sedimentation can cause production losses through costly maintenance stoppages.

In addition to solids settling, blending is another primary requirement for mining processes. The slurry entering a storage tank often varies in both composition and flow rate across time. Storage tank agitation serves to homogenize the feed for the next process step, providing predictable and consistent process conditions. Insufficient blending will lead to shortcircuiting and dead spots, which can upset the process and cause further issues downstream.

Solving These Problems with Storage and Surge Tank Agitators

Every hydrometallurgical process has unique process parameters that require unique storage and surge tank agitators. At Dynamix, our team of engineers designs optimal agitators and mixers based on your specific process parameters and requirements. We supplement mechanical and chemical engineering fundamentals with the computerized fluid mechanics analyses necessary for the complex agitated systems found in the mining industry.

For storage and surge tank agitators in the mining industry, we maximize efficiency with low-speed, high-torque agitation. Highspeed mixing creates turbulence that wastes energy without expanding the area of influence to minimize solids settling. Instead, our approach utilizes large diameter impellers that provide axial pumping in order to deliver the necessary blending and reduce solids settling while keeping power requirements low.

Engineered Agitators and Mixers for Every Process Step

Experience in the mining industry has given our team the knowledge to provide optimized storage and surge tank agitators to reduce stoppages and increase efficiency. Hydrometallurgical processes of up to 300,000 gallons can make use of our NMX and GMX agitators. We also provide smaller agitators and utility mixers for every application in your process. You can contact Dynamix today to see how our innovative agitator and impeller designs can improve your operations.

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