road paint tote mixer on line painting truck
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Road Marking Paint Quality With Integrated Tote Mixers

Line painting presents unique mixing challenges that require innovative solutions. At Dynamix, we’ve spent years developing our Integrated Tote Mixers (ITM) line to meet these challenges. Our mixers and agitators solve numerous quality problems for road marking paint. These problems range from product uniformity and cross-contamination to skinning.  

Why Mixing Matters for Road Marking Paint

For both private and municipal clients, line painting requires uniform paint composition to ensure quality. During shipping and storage, the solids in road marking paint will separate and settle. Without proper suspension, the paint will have an uneven pigment distribution and fail to meet quality standards. Private clients will be dissatisfied with the inconsistent appearance of the final product. Municipal clients have stringent quality standards embedded in their contracts. When poorly mixed paint fails to meet these standards, there can be severe consequences for your organization.

In addition to dispersing solids, waterborne alkyd road marking paint requires mixing to blend the float water. These paints ship with a small layer of pH adjusted water floating on the surface in order to prevent skinning, the drying of a top layer of paint. The paint only has the correct composition when the float water is thoroughly blended. As soon as the paint is mixed, any additional contact with air will begin the skinning process. The recirculation system of certain line painting equipment can sometimes sufficiently mix float water but fails to disperse settled solids adequately.

How the ITM Line of Agitators Solves These Problems

When road marking paint skins, an operator must skim the layer from the surface. Breaking up and mixing the skin can cause sprayer clogs. The Dynamix ITM line provides an economical method for mixing multiple totes without reopening and exposing paint to excess air. The dynamic coupling allows a single drive segment to couple to any agitator segment without tools or brackets. With an agitator segment for each tote and just one drive segment, a single operator can mix multiple totes without contamination.

Proper mixing has been challenging to achieve due to the tote opening limiting the mixer impeller diameter. The Dynamix ITM line features collapsible impellers that solve this problem. The four blades of the impeller fold neatly to allow easy installation into IBC and other totes. Once engaged, the blades expand to their total diameter of 8” to 21”. The wider impeller makes full use of available torque to achieve maximum pumping and optimal mixing.

The ITM line provides an optimal solution for road marking paint services. Single operator installation in seconds makes these mixers the perfect choice for operations of any scale. Environmental contamination, cross-contamination, and skinning are all addressed through the innovations of the dynamic coupling system.

Dynamix Provides Solutions for All Road Paint Mixing Needs

While other companies provide solely off-the-shelf products, Dynamix delivers solutions. Our team is ready to provide your organization with a custom solution that meets your specific needs. The ITM line is also available in standard configurations, both bridge mount and cap mount, for rapid turnarounds. Contact Dynamix today for quotes and to find out what we can do for you.

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road paint tote mixer on line painting truck