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Industrial Mixing

Building Bigger and Better

Building Bigger & Better Industrial Mixers MIXER SOLUTION FOR MANUFACTURING EFFICIENCY 2019 was a great year at Dynamix.  We took on some exciting industrial agitator projects.  One such project was with a leading asphalt manufacturer.  Our client, looking to be more efficient in their manufacturing of its asphalt sought out Dynamix for some custom industrial mixer engineering expertise. Knowing the challenging aspects of asphalt mixing as well as having a long relationship with this clients operations Dynamix was able to tailor this latest mixing design to the operational needs of this client. Knowing how to combine 3 Top Entry Mixers into a tank offered substantial energy savings over using side entry mixers. Further, we were able to recoginise the different

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Industrial Mixing

Coagulation and Flocculation Process and Mixing Essentials

Coagulation & Flocculation PROCESS MIXING ESSENTIALS Wastewater has particulate matter which must to be removed before further treatment and clarification, these particles (colloids) are negatively charged. Such particles are very minute and take a very long time to settle.  The help increase the time for these particles to settle from a weeks or hours to a few minutes the coagulation process has to be applied early in the water treatment stage. Generally the coagulation stage happens after the Ph adjustment stage, where the water is adjusted to be more alkaline, so that additives like aluminum sulphate or ferric sulphate (trivalent coagulants) can be effective for coagulation and flocculation process. Coagulation Process The objective is to create microfloc from particulate matter,

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