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Industrial Mixing

Side Entry Mixer or Top Entry Mixer – Always Consider the Costs!

Side entry mixers and top entry mixers play an important role in a diverse number of industries such as mining and natural resources, food processing, agricultural chemicals, oil and gas, wastewater treatment, food manufacturing, pulp and paper, brewing and distilling, paints and coatings, inks and dyes… In every industry, engineers, consultants and operations managers need to carefully assess their unique requirements and environments, then look at the short- and long-term impact on everything from product quality and operating costs to the bottom line before committing to a mixer. For many decision-makers, side entry mixers have been the most visible option thanks in part to side-entry and submersible suppliers’ ongoing marketing efforts. While Dynamix provides a full range of side-entry mixers,

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coal mining dump truck
Coal Mining

Industrial Mixer Reliability and Longevity – A Case Study

One of Dynamix’s business pillars is to produce quality products that are reliable and have longevity. We consistently see repeat customer orders for products that have been in service for 12-30 years, or more. One such customer has reordered an Industrial Agitator that has served them for over 15 years. This one came in for a rebuild in perfect working order. Application: Germanium Releach Reduction  Model: NMX-7-23-30 30HP @ 79rpm, Single 48” P4 impeller mounted on a 4” Sch 40 pipe shaft 152” long   Application Details: Application: Germanium Slurry,  Viscosity: 100cps S.G. 1.6 S  Solid size  9.2um  Solid Conc: 40%  This industrial mixer is meant to be used when mining coking coal. This type of coal was generally shipped to smelters to be used to make steel, and by our

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Explosion Proof Motor 1c
Explosion Proof Motors

Explosion Proof Motors on Industrial Mixers and Utility Mixers

Industrial mixers and utility mixers are used in many applications. Some environments where the motors are used may be working in the presence of volatile dust or gas vapor in the air, or volatile vapors from the product itself. The industries that inquire about explosion-proof motors on our mixers include the paint, pharmaceutical, chemical, and mining industries. These are just a small fraction of industry sectors we service that demand this safety feature on our mixer configurations. There are various standards for explosion-proof motors throughout North America, Europe, and other continents. Explosion-proof motors for electric driven mixers are available for industrial mixers at Dynamix and are manufactured in Germany or North America. These great motor manufacturers build motors that meet

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Hand Sanitizers

A Helping Hand to Make Hand Sanitizers – Dynamix Helps Manufacturers

It has been a great challenge for the North American and Global community to fight against rapidly spreading of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). To do its part in the call for domestic manufacturers, the Dynamix Team has taken on the Demand for Hand Sanitzer, in these challenging times. Here are some great resources to help you get started: Here is the recipe for hand sanitizer from the World Health Organization (WHO): Guide to Local Production: WHO-recommended Handrub Formulations Dynamix looked at the recommended recipe, as stated in the guidelines mentioned above, we find that basic ingredients are more than 2/3 of alcohol (Ethanol 96% or Isopropyl alcohol99.8%), Hydrogen peroxide (3%) and Sterile distilled water, along with viscosity thickener: Glycerol

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Industrial Mixing

Solid Suspension Mixing -Product Settlement and Separation Challenge? Consider Proper Mixer Configuration

Having product separation and settlement challenges in your application or process? These are key quality control issues for many Plant Managers, but mixers are rarely singled out as the source of the problem. This is partly due to the inability to see into the tank, and part a common belief that mixers are a “Black Art”. At Dynamix, we take a controlled scientific approach to mixer design. With this as a basis for discussion, we optimise the quality control in your batch or process mixing. This will take one of the variables out, and one that is commonly overlooked. So, ask yourself if you have any mixers that are simply overlooked, and give us a call. Your mixing should achieve

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Crop Protection

Crop Protection, Seed Treatment and Fertilizer Mixers for the Agrochemical Industry

It is about this time of year, when spring is in the air, and when we get a lot of enquiries about mixers for the fertilizer, seed treatment and crop protection in the Agrochemical sector.  At Dynamix, we manufacture liquid fertilizer, seed treatment, crop protection mixing equipment. We have shipped out many models for various tank sizes; from large 1,000 gallons tank mixers, to mix fertilizer, to tote and drum mixers for crop protection applications.  Top agrochemical companies like Syngenta AG, Bayer Crop Science, BASF SE, utilize mixers for fertilizer preparation, seed treatment and crop protection. Many in the agricultural, chemical industry, when searching out fertilizer mixers are looking for these types of qualities: Light weight Portable and easy to

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